Telemedicine service in the field of gastroenterology include the transfer of images from the endoscope, colonoscope or the ultrasound and a video consultation between the teleconsultant and the receiver of the service.

In february 2013. a pilot project of telemedicine services in gastroenetrology has been started by the initiative of the president of The Governing Council of Croatian institute for telemedicine, mr. Hrvoje Iveković, dr. med. "Zavod za gastroenterologiju, Klinika za unutarnje bolesti, Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb" has been chosen as the specialistic centre. At june 2013. we have established telemedicine centres in gastroenterology in OB Karlovac and OB Sisak. In those two centres there have been a total of 56 telemedicine services done which is an excellent indicator for a need for such services. After a successful pilot project, we have started to implement gastroenterology telemedicine services in other hospitals.


As a specialistic center, the institute for gastroenterology, "Klinika za unutarnje bolesti, Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb" is providing support for general hospitals in Karlovac, Sisak, Vinkovci, Bjelovar and Koprivnica.