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Healthcare workers

Midwives - how to fill in a record sheet

Guidelines for health care professionals attending a lecture as listeners:
Please note the following during lectures:

Respect the patient’s privacy:

  • During a lecture, do not mention information that could violate a patient’s privacy (such as patient’s name, name of hospital, number of insured person etc.).

Turn off your microphone:

  • Turn off your microphone when you are not speaking: this will prevent the transmission of noises and other unnecessary sounds to other locations.
  • If you need to change the position of your microphone during a lecture, turn it off first in order not to disturb the others.

Reduce the surrounding noise to minimum:

  • When your microphone is not turned off, try to reduce the surrounding noise to a minimum.
  • Avoid unnecessary tapping on the table, shuffling papers or talking to someone in the same room. Such activities cause noises at other locations.

Speak clearly and naturally:

  • There is no need to raise you voice as the microphone will automatically amplify sound.

Pauses among interlocutors:

  • Since the sound transmission is a bit delayed, wait for a moment after you have heard the lecturer’s question in order to make sure that the lecturer has finished with his speech.
  • Behave professionally at all times.
  • Bear in mind that the listeners at other locations may see and hear you the entire time.
  • Do not monopolize conversation.
  • Do not interrupt other speakers.
  • Express yourself politely.
  • Focus on the discussion at hand and questions related to the presentation.
  • Take into consideration that there exist differences in opinions and do not take it personally.
  • Respect each other’s privacy