By definition, telemedicine is a part of the health system; however, the organizing and setting up of a network of telemedicine centres, as well as its successful growth and development and adjustment to the conditions on the market, equipment and application producers, integration with electronic medical records and interoperability with various medical information systems within the Republic of Croatia and in the EU – all of these are reasons why it is important to cooperate with all entities who are involved in telemedicine. A telemedicine system cannot be successfully managed if all the prerequisites (medical, technical, economic, political) necessary for its work are not organized. The Croatian Institute of Telemedicine has closely cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Social Care, from which came the idea to found this Institute. This cooperation occurred in the field of telemedicine and other fields where the expert team of the Croatian Institute of Telemedicine can help to improve the health system in the Republic of Croatia and achieve its progress.