Telemedicine services in the field of psychiatry/psychological medicine represent one of the options of providing adequate mental health care in the primary health care environment, with a general practitioner and a family doctor, i.e. in an environment that is familiar and close to the patient. It is especially important to emphasize that patients with mental disorders in areas without specialist and subspecialist psychiatric care have experienced a significant increase in the quality of their life because they were provided with adequate health care in the place where they live via telemedicine services. Patients who suffer from mental health problems have been given access to adequate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures thanks to appropriate telemedicine psychiatric services, which are now not accessible to most citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

Telemedicine services in psychiatry and psychological medicine include the use of video-conferencing systems in order to establish communication between a doctor and a patient. The groups of patients with an elevated need for the application of psychological principles with the purpose of improving and bettering their treatment include, among others, chronic patients, patients dependent on permanent medical care, as well as very sensitive groups of young patients, elderly patients and dying patients. Naturally, all the other groups of patients are equally important, as is the role of psychological methods during their treatment. In receiving appropriate medical care, the groups of patients living in remote and isolated areas are especially endangered.

Telemedicine services in psychiatry and psychological medicine are currently undergoing the harmonization of organizational parameters since patients establish an indirect contact with a doctor instead of the usual face-to-face contact. For harmonization purposes, the first telemedicine centre for providing psychological medicine services has been established in the Zagreb Clinical Hospital, and these services have been included in the operations of the regular telemedicine health centre of the Split-Dalmatia County – the Supetar branch.